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Penis Enhancement or, Juan Penis Enhancement Perez de Marchena, happening to come up, and remarking the appearance of the stranger, entered into.conversation with him. The Prior, a man of superior information, was struck with the grandeur of his views, and when he found that the navigator was on the point of abandoning Penis Enhancement Spain to seek patronage in the Court of France, and that so important Penis Enhancement an enterprise was about to be lost for ever to the country, his patriotism took the alarm. He entertained Penis Enhancement Columbus as his guest, and invited a scientific Penis Enhancement friend a physician Garcia Fernandez, to converse with him. Fernandez was soon captivated by his conversation. Frequent conferences took place, at which several of the veteran mariners of Palos were present. Among these was Martin Alonzo Pinzon, the head of a family of wealthy and experienced navigators. Facts were related by some of the mariners in support of the theory of Columbus, and so convinced was Pinzon of the feas.ibility of his project, that he offered to engage in it with purse and person. The Prior, who had once been

confessor hero male enhancement side effects to the Queen, was confirmed in his faith by the opinions expressed, and he proposed writing to her immediately, and entreated Columbus to delay his journey until an answer could be received. It was decided to send Penis Enhancement Sebastian Rodriguez, coffee male enhancement a shrewd and clever pilot, to Santa Fe, where the Penis Enhancement Queen then was. Isabella had always been favourable to Columbus, and the Prior received deer antler testosterone booster a reply desiring that he himself should repair to Court. bigger size penis hard sex pills He went, and, seconded by the Marchioness of Moya and other old friends, so impressed the Queen with the importance of the undertaking, that she Penis Enhancement desired Columbus might be sent for, and ordered that seventy two dollars, equal Penis Enhancement to two hundred and sixteen of the present day, might. be forwarded to him, to bear his travelling Penis Enhancement expenses. With his hopes Penis Enhancement raised to the highest pitch, Columbus again repaired to Court but so fully Penis Enhancement occupied was he with the grandeur of his enterprise, that he stipulated that he should be invested with the title and privilege of admiral, and viceroy over the countries he should

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discover, with one tenth of all gains, either by trade or conquest. It must be remembered the pious and patriotic Penis Enhancement way according to his notions in which he intended to expend the wealth he hoped to acquire. The courtiers were indignant, and Penis Enhancement sneeringly observed that his arrangement was a secure one, that he was sure of Penis Enhancement a command, and had nothing to lose. On this he offered to furnish one eighth of the cost, on Penis Enhancement condition of enjoying one eighth of the Penis Enhancement profit. The King looked coldly on the affair, a.nd once more the sovereigns of Spain declined the offer. Columbus was at length again about to set off on his journey to Palos, when the generous spirit of Isabella was kindled by the remarks of the Marchioness of Moya, supported by Louis de Saint Angel, Receiver of the Ecclesiastical Revenues in Arragon. She exclaimed, I undertake the enterprise for my own crown of Castile, and will pledge my jewels to raise the necessary funds This was the proudest moment in the life of Isabella, as it stamped her as the patroness of the great discovery

. Saint Angel assured her there was no necessity for pledging her jewels, and expressed his readiness to advance seventeen thousand florins. A real dick enlargement messenger was dispatched to bring back the navigator, with Penis Enhancement the assurance that all he desired would be granted and so, turning the reins of. his mule, he hastened back with joyful alacrity to Santa Fe, confiding in the noble probity of the Queen. Articles of agreement were drawn up by Penis Enhancement the royal secretary at once. Columbus was to have for himself during his life, apple cider vinegar erectile dysfunction and his heirs and successors for herbal male sexual enhancement information ever, the office of Penis Enhancement admiral of all lands and continents which diamond male enhancement pill he might discover. Secondly He was to Penis Enhancement be viceroy and governor Penis Enhancement general over supplement for the brain them. Thirdly He was to be entitled to receive for himself one tenth of Penis Enhancement all pearls, precious stones, gold, silver, spices, and all other articles and merchandise obtained within this admiralty. Fourthly He or his lieutenant was to be the sole judge in all cases and Penis Enhancement disputes arising out of traffic between those countries and Spain. Fifthly He might then, and at all a