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Male Enlargement Pills their backs and quitted the field. But Sylla called our men in from the pursuit, lest their ardour should carry them too far, but most people imagine, that if he had consented to a vigorous Male Enlargement Pills pursuit, the war might have been ended that day. His conduct however does Male Enlargement Pills not appear to deserve censure Male Enlargement Pills for the duties of a lieutenant general and of a commander in chief are very different the one is bound to act entirely according to his instructions, the other to regulate his conduct without control, as occasion requires. Sylla, being deputed by Caesar to take care of the camp, and having rescued his men, was satisfied with.that, and did not desire to Male Enlargement Pills hazard a battle although this circumstance might probably have had a successful issue , that he might not be thought to have assumed the part of the general. One circumstance laid the Pompeians under great difficulty in making good a retreat for they Male Enlargement Pills had advanced from disadvantageous ground, and were posted on the top of a hill. If they attempted to retire down the steep, they dreaded the pursuit of our men from the rising ground, and there was but a short time till sunset for in hopes of

completing the business, they had protracted the battle natural design male enhancement almost till night. Taking Male Enlargement Pills therefore measures suited to their exigency, and to the shortness of the time, Pompey. possessed himself Male Enlargement Pills of an eminence, at such a distance from our fort, that no weapon discharged from an engine could penis sergury reach him. Here he took up a position, and fortified it, and kept all his forces there. LII. At the same time, Male Enlargement Pills there were engagements in two medications for sexual dysfunction other places for Pompey had attacked several forts at best male enhancement cream for firmness once, in order to divide our forces that no relief might be sent from the neighbouring posts. In one place, Volcatius Tullus Male Enlargement Pills sustained the charge of a legion with three cohorts, and beat them off the field. In Male Enlargement Pills another, the Germans, having sallied over our fortifications, slew several of the enemy, and retreated how to get bigger cumshot safe to our Male Enlargement Pills camp. LIII. Thus six engagements having happened in one. day, three at Dyrrachium, and three at the fortifications, when a computation was made of the number of slain, we found that Male Enlargement Pills about two thousand fell on Pompey s side, several of them volunteer veterans Male Enlargement Pills and centurions. Among them was Valerius, the son of Lucius Flaccus, who as praeto

Male Enlargement Pills

r had formerly had the government of Asia, and six military standards were taken. Of our men, not more than twenty were missing in all the action. But in the fort, not a single soldier escaped without a wound and in one cohort, four centurions lost Male Enlargement Pills their eyes. And being Male Enlargement Pills desirous to produce testimony of the fatigue they underwent, and the danger they sustained, they counted to Caesar about thirty thousan.d arrows which had been Male Enlargement Pills thrown into the fort and in the shield of the centurion Scaeva, which was brought to him, were found two hundred and thirty holes. In reward for this man s services both to himself and the republic, Caesar presented to him two hundred thousand pieces of copper money, and declared him promoted from the eighth to the first centurion. For it appeared that the fort had been in a great measure saved by his exertions and Male Enlargement Pills he afterwards very amply rewarded the cohorts with double pay, corn, clothing, and other military honours. LIV. Pompey, having made great additions to his works in the night, the following days built turrets, and having carried his works fifteen f.eet Male Enlargement Pills high, faced that part of his camp with m

antlets grow ur penis and after an interval of five days, taking advantage Male Enlargement Pills of Male Enlargement Pills a second cloudy night, he barricaded all the best penis enlargement methods gates of his camp to hinder Male Enlargement Pills a pursuit, and Male Enlargement Pills about midnight quietly marched off his army, and retreated to his old fortifications. LV. Aetolia, Acarnania, and Amphilochis, being reduced, as we have related, by Male Enlargement Pills Cassius Longinus, Male Enlargement Pills and Calvisius Sabinus, Caesar thought he ought to attempt the conquest of Achaia, and to advance farther into the country. Accordingly, he detached Fufius thither, and penis size enlargement pills ordered Quintus penis length increase Sabinus and Cassius to join him with their cohorts. Upon notice of their approach, Rutilius Lupus, who commanded in Achaia, und. er Pompey, began to fortify the Isthmus, to prevent Fufius from review of male enhancement products coming into Achaia. Kalenus recovered Delphi, Thebes, and Orchomenus, by a voluntary submission of those states. Some he subdued by force, the rest he Male Enlargement Pills endeavoured to win over to Caesar s interest, b