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Best Male Enlargement Pills suspecting this, weighed their anchors ready to put to sea. Serrano, on observing what Best Male Enlargement Pills they were about, threw himself on his knees, entreating them no.t to leave him in the hands of the treacherous savages. Finding, on mustering their forces, that Best Male Enlargement Pills only eighty men now Best Male Enlargement Pills remained, and fearing that should they continue longer they themselves would lose their lives, they refused to listen to his entreaties, and loosing the sails, they stood away from the shore, thus leaving to Best Male Enlargement Pills a cruel Best Male Enlargement Pills fate their talented captain, the best seaman among them, who, had he been saved, would undoubtedly have proved of the greatest advantage to the expedition. What ultimately became of him was never known. Many years afterwards, it was reported that eight Spaniards had been sold as slaves by the Rajah of Zebut to the Chinese. The two ships, now commanded by Carvalho, proceeded on their way to the Moluccas. On reaching the island of Bohol, as their numbers had been greatly reduced by sicknes.s and the loss of men at Matan and Zebut, th

ey shifted the guns and stores of the Conception into the how to get a lot of sperm two other ships, and then burned her. Touching at the island of Mindanao, they met with a friendly reception from the Rajah. It was found to abound in rice, sugar, ginger, hogs, hens, and other animals. They next touched at Cagayan Sooloo, where from some of the Best Male Enlargement Pills natives they heard of the large island of Borneo existing to nature bound male enhancement bacopa amazon the west. The inhabitants appeared to possess much gold, and they Best Male Enlargement Pills used poisoned Best Male Enlargement Pills arrows, which they darted by the force of Best Male Enlargement Pills their breath through hollow reeds. At their sides they wore daggers ornamented how long until you see the results of male enhancement with precious stones. Magnificent trees were seen on shore, but no provisions, so greatly required, could be obtained. In consequence of this, they were so nearly starved that many of Best Male Enlargement Pills the male enhancement enlargement men propos. ed landing on one of the islands and establishing themselves there for life. On reaching Puluan, however, and finding provisions abundant, they resolved to continue their voyage. Besides the articles they found at Mindanao, Best Male Enlargement Pills it produced large

Best Male Enlargement Pills

figs, sweet potatoes, cocoa nuts, and sugar canes. The Rajah, as a token of peace, drew some blood out of his left arm, and marked his body, face, and the top of his tongue with it. The Spaniards, to win his regard, imitated his example. The people went perfectly naked, and occupied themselves chiefly in cock fighting. The voyagers here first met with arrak, which the natives distil from rice. Having obtained a pilot, the Spaniards crossed over to the large island Best Male Enlargement Pills of Borneo, and on the 8th of July they came to an anchor off Best Male Enlargement Pills a city which was said to contain Best Male Enlargement Pills Best Male Enlargement Pills twenty five thousand.houses. They were built within high water mark, and raised on posts. When the tide was full, the people communicated by boats going about from house to house. Soon after they dropped anchor, the Rajah, who was a Moor, of considerable power, sent handsome presents on board, and invited the Captains to visit him. On landing, the Spaniards found two elephants, covered with silk trappings, ready to conduct them to his Best Male Enlargement Pills palace. In front of it

a feast had been prepared, consisting of meat, fowl, and fish, placed on the floor, round which they sat Best Male Enlargement Pills on mats. The natives, after each mouthful, sipped Best Male Enlargement Pills arrak from porcelain cups, and used golden spoons to eat their rice. The feast being over, it was announced to the Captains that the Rajah was ready for them. On their way they passed through a large saloon, in which were rexavar a numb. er of courtiers, and from thence 2017 best pick for male enhancement pills into an anteroom, where three hundred guards, armed with poniards, were drawn up. At the farther end Best Male Enlargement Pills of the apartment was a curtain of brocaded silk, and on Best Male Enlargement Pills this being pulled aside, the best sperm pills Rajah, a stout man of about forty, was seen seated at a table, with a little child by his side, and chewing betel, while behind him stood his female attendants, who were supposed to be the daughters of the Best Male Enlargement Pills chief men and to intensify male enhancement govern his Best Male Enlargement Pills household. As the courtiers who best male enhancement blue too chewable Best Male Enlargement Pills were naked, with the exception of a piece of ornamented cloth round their waists approached, they raised their hands