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Best Erection Pills trol of the Malucas Islands, which the kings thereof had usurped, and of other islands after the Hollanders had gained possession of them. For this purpose he had already proceeded with a large fleet to Amboyno, where the said Andres Hurtado had already subdued that island and Best Erection Pills Best Erection Pills placed it under obedience Best Erection Pills to his Majesty. Thence he had despatched the aforesaid persons to report to the said royal Audiencia and his Lordship how he had proceeded and in what need the fleet was of provisions, ammunition, and other supplies. He begged with great urgency that they would provide and aid him with the same, as appeared from the said letters, which were read before the said assembly. Accordingly the Best Erection Pills president requested them, after considering the matter and its.nature, together with its great importance, to state their opinions upon the proper Best Erection Pills course to pursue under the circumstances. Don Best Erection Pills Pedro de Acuna Before me Antonio de Ordas Immediately and directly the said commandant of the camp, commander of the Best Erection Pills galleys, and other captains, after

discussing and conferring upon the aforesaid, declared unanimously priamax male enhancement scam that their opinion was in favor of assisting the inlarge cock said Andres Hurtado de Mendoca with two hundred men, which was the number asked for by word of mouth by the said Captain Antonio Vrito Fogaca. They agreed Best Erection Pills to this, notwithstanding that for this year the expedition to the river of Mindanao, already agreed upon, must best male penis enhancement pills be given up because after considering the importance of reenforcing the naval expedition, and its usefulness in Best Erection Pills facilitating the Best Erection Pills said attack on Mindanao and causing. apprehension in amlodipine and losartan can i drink male enhancement other islands, they regarded the aid Best Erection Pills stendra male enhancement of the said fleet as the more important enterprise for the present. They also decided to send as much assistance in the way of provisions and ammunition as was possible, and as his Lordship should direct Best Erection Pills and to despatch everything Best Erection Pills as promptly as the weather would permit, considering that Terrenate is the principal point for the security of these islands, and the place where have originated the mischiefs done by the Mindanaos and Joloan

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s. To this they affixed their signatures. Assistance Sent by the Best Erection Pills Governor of the Filipinas to the Maluco Fleet Sent out from Yndia Memorandum of provisions and ammunition which by order of Senor Don Pedro de Acuna, knight of the Order of San Juan, commander of Salamanca, governor and captain general of Best Erection Pills these Philipinas Islands, and pre.sident of the royal Audiencia which sits therein, were sent by the official judges of the royal exchequer to the islands of Maluco, in aid of the fleet sent out by the lord viceroy Best Erection Pills of India, under Commander Andres Hurtado de Best Erection Pills Mendoca Rice. Five thousand fanegas of clean rice, a little more or less, at three reals a fanega the price at which it is received in tribute, although at present the market price here is a peso and a half a fanega. Total one thousand eight hundred and seventy five pesos. Meat. Three hundred young beeves, at six pesos each, including salt and earthen jars. Total one thousand eight hundred pesos. Wine. Two hundred Best Erection Pills jars of wine, at ten reals apiece, including the jars. Tot

al two hundred and fifty pesos. Nails. Eight Best Erection Pills hundred quintals of nails and spikes, at seven pesos a quintal. Total five hund. red can you get testicular epididymis from male enhancement pills and sixty Best Erection Pills pesos. Gunpowder. Forty quintals of gunpowder, at two reals and a half a libra the price at which it is given to the infantry Best Erection Pills because of Best Erection Pills the small pay they receive, although it costs his Best Erection Pills Majesty more than four reals a libra. Total one thousand two hundred and fifty pesos. Cloth. Three hundred pieces of cloth from Ylocos at how do sex pills work four reals and a half. Total one hundred and sixty eight shoot massive loads pesos, and four tomins. Idem. Seven hundred varas of Castilian sail cloth at six reals a vara. Total five hundred and twenty five vasele male enhancement pesos. Needles. A hundred Best Erection Pills sail needles, at a real twelve pesos and four tomins. Thread. Three quintals of cotton thread, at eighteen pesos a quintal fifty four pesos. Oil. Best Erection Pills Thirty jars of oil for galagala, 2 at a peso and a half forty five pesos. Best Erection Pills Infantry. penile traction device results Two hundred private soldiers, one hundre. d and sixty five being arquebusiers, at six pesos a month and thirty five musketeers at e